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Lexi Christensen lives in a tree and converses with the birds in their native tongues. From a young age, she exhibited a profound love for animals and the natural world, as well as Native American culture. Lexi spent much of her childhood deftly honing her senses and reflexes. By the tender age of 9 she could pinpoint the exact location of a field mouse 500 yards away with her right ear, and she was catching frogs effortlessly with tiny, hand woven lassos. As she entered into adolescence, she became exceedingly interested in documenting her world in a way more permanent than memory. Her life changed at age 17 when she was given her first camera, and she has never been without one since that day. If bird languages were considered useful to the modern world, Lexi would be heptalingual. Flowers spring up in her wake, sun beams follow her constantly, and with her every day is a holiday. Lexi Christensen hails from Springfield, Nebraska. She loves coffee, thunderstorms, and psycho-analyzing people on tv.​

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